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For the past 24 years KS Productions has been recognized as the largest supplier of how-to broadcast programming for public television. Our TV programs set a standard for high quality and we are at the forefront in developing programming that attracts and inspires the how-to audience.     We have produced over 17 titles and 2800 episodes for PBS.   

Our programming is available on PBS nationally and online, on DVD, and on Amazon VOD and Amazon Prime.  We also maintain our own You Tube channel and are supported by Facebook pages, Pinterest Boards, Vimeo Channels, and Twitter.  Over the past years we have had the privilege of working with over 3300 designers, and hundreds of the leading craft and sewing manufacturers and retailers. We have a long standing relationship with both NETA, our distributor, and Public television stations.   We partner with them on the development of programming to meet specific needs of their viewers. It is easier for us to bring new programs to air and have a successful launch because we have demonstrated our adherence to guidelines and the ability to bring a high quality program that yields good results in terms of viewers for the stations.  

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Broadcast TV-:  It’s Sew Easy, Quilting Arts, Beads Baubles and Jewels, Hands on Crafts for Kids, Knitting Daily, Scrapbook Soup, Around the House, Bake Decorate Celebrate, and Fit To Stitch