How much will your video production cost?

Every quote is a custom bid based on how much time is needed to  develop the message you want to deliver.

Here is a checklist of  13 questions that will help you narrow down your project and help us  develop an accurate quote: (don’t be intimidated! These are easy questions!)



Content Questions:

  • What is the purpose of the video? Is it for brand or product marketing? Is it a demonstration?
  • Where will the video be used? Is it Broadcast or VNR? Is it for online or social media? Is it for key accounts?  Re-tailers?
  • Who are you trying to reach? Is this B2B or for consumers?


Technical questions:

  • How many videos do you need?
  • How long is each video? There is a big difference in production style for a 1 min vs. 1 hour video.
  • Do you need a graphic open or will you be using a logo and title page?
  • Do you need special services such as animation? Closed captioning? Translations?
  • Where will this be shot? In studio? On location? 
    • If in studio:
      • What are the set requirements?
      • Custom build, props?
      • Green screen?
  • Who is the talent on the video? Will there be multiple people on camera at one time? Do you need a teleprompter?
  • What is the style of the video?  The highly produced videos we see top brands use for their commercials require much more extensive crews, equipment and editing time. Testimonial or how-to style videos are more cost effective. Look for examples or links to similar videos online to help us determine the look and feel you are attempting to produce.
  • What kind of graphics? Graphics and animation can be very time consuming.  If there will be a lot of graphics, it would help if you show us examples.
  • Will you be providing a script and/or storyboard?
  • Do you need stock, royalty-free music?  No music?  Custom composed music?.